Kashmiris firm to resist Indian occupation


Modi led BJP came into power in 2014 after considerable majority in the general election rooting out the United Progressive Alliance.

For the subsequent elections in 2019 BJP’s manifesto explicitly called for the revocation of semi-autonomous status of IOJK. On 5th august 2019, BJP implementing their well thought and pre meditated strategies to ensure the annexation of the occupied territory into Indian Union. The implementation of controversial policies intended to subjugate the people of Jammu and Kashmir through fear, denial of their basic human rights and excessive use of force.

The Modi led central government believes that the implementation of such type of policies will lead to an end of the long standing international dispute, and to perpetrate demographic transformation of Muslim majority state into minority. Moreover, one of the brazen actions in IOJK that has been termed as violation of fundamental rights is property attachment. Indian authorities are attaching properties of pro-resistance leadership, human rights defenders, journalist, academics, and the members of civil society. Indian authorities label them that their property is being used for the purpose of anti-national activities and has falsely framed them in money laundering and terror financing charges. This policy has spread fear and tension among the masses of Jammu and Kashmir and has affected Kashmiri diaspora too, those people who are struggling for the right of self-determination and were either forced to leave or left due to the fear of being killed or jailed.

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