Four dead, scores injured as Taiwan hit by strongest earthquake


Taiwan has been hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that destroyed buildings. It was reportedly the strongest in the region in around 2.5 decades.

Four people died due to strong seismic activity near Taiwan’s east coast, while hundreds suffered injuries. Rescue efforts are underway, as the shock waves were felt across Taiwan, causing landslides in the hilly region and prompting tsunami warnings.

The quake also disrupted power supply in most regions, while there are reports of internet outages and damage in Taipei and other areas.

Taiwan Earthquake

Authorities warned of aftershocks, whereas Japan and the Philippines also issued tsunami warnings. The earthquake was also felt in adjoining regions including China’s Fujian province.

The East Asian nation saw huge numbers of buildings collapsed in Hualien County, leaving people trapped.

Meanwhile, armed forces personnel were deployed for disaster relief, and schools and workplaces suspended operations mid-week.

Taiwan’s President directed immediate action to understand the impact and provide assistance.

The recent seismic activity is said strongest since 90s. Flights were suspended, but the tsunami threat has largely passed.

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