Posters urge IIOJK people to expose India’s true intentions


Posters carrying an appeal to the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir have emerged, urging them to wake up and refrain from selling their properties, including land, to non-Kashmiris to safeguard the future of generations from the anti-Kashmir agendas of Hindutva regime led by RSS/BJP in India.

These posters have appeared in Srinagar and Baramulla areas of the territory as a form of protest against India’s brutal and anti-Kashmir policies, aimed at misleading the international community about the real situation in the territory.

The posters emphasize not selling ancestral property to non-Kashmiris, even if lucrative offers in dollars or rupees are made, as it could lead to serious problems for future generations, akin to the challenges faced by Palestinians today.

They caution against the RSS/BJP’s adoption of Israeli policies in Jammu and Kashmir, which seek to expel Kashmiris from their land and settle non-Kashmiris using so-called domicile certificates, thereby altering the demographic composition of the territory with the assistance of Indian armed forces and police.

The posters highlight the appropriation of Dogra lands in the Jammu region by the RSS/BJP, which are being utilized to accommodate non-Jammu Kashmiri individuals, providing them with jobs and contracts.

Furthermore, they warn against the dangerous anti-Kashmir game of the RSS/BJP, which aims to transfer Kashmiri land to the Indian state of Maharashtra. Instead, Kashmiris are urged to unite and demand the right to self-determination mandated under UN resolutions.

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