Kashmiris enduring repression for past seven decades in pursuit of freedom


For over seven decades, Kashmiris have endured ongoing repression in pursuit of their relentless struggle for justice and freedom for their homeland, occupied Jammu and Kashmir, from India’s tyrannical clutches.

Since India’s deployment of troops in Srinagar in October 1947, the territory has been marred by turmoil and suffering, with the Modi regime intensifying its crackdown on dissent, particularly after August 2019 when New Delhi unilaterally revoked its special status.

Under Modi, Kashmiris face systemic human rights violations and discrimination, echoing the apartheid policies of the past. The people of IIOJK are subjected to brutal repression at the hands of Indian forces, with the regime breaking all records of committing atrocities against civilians.

Despite the systematic violation of their rights, Kashmiris remain steadfast in their resistance, refusing to surrender to Indian military might. For them, there is no option but to continue the struggle for their inherent rights and freedom.

Daily life in IIOJK is marked by oppression and bloodshed, with Kashmiris bearing the brunt of the Modi government’s repressive measures. The international community’s silence on the matter only emboldens the Indian government to intensify its repression further, exacerbating the suffering of Kashmiris.

The resolution of the Kashmir dispute in line with internationally accepted norms of justice remains the only viable solution to end the bloodshed and restore peace in the territory.

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