Dense fog continued to cover Punjab capital Lahore on Saturday as temperatures witnessed further dip. The metropolis experienced severe cold day conditions while extreme fog disrupted road and air travel.

In the morning, there was dense fog in parts of the city, and Met Office cautioned citizens to travel safely.

In its advisory, Met Office said continental air is prevailing over most parts of Pakistan and that extreme cold and dry weather is expected in most plain areas.

Lahore Rain update

Amid the biting cold, there are no chances of downpours in Lahore, or in other Punjab cities.

Lahore temperature today

The temperature of the metropolis was recorded at 9°C around noon, while the temperature is expected drop in the evening. Humidity was recorded at over 75 percent in the city. 

Lahore Air Quality

Lahore’s air quality was recorded at 300, which is alarming high, and was ranked amng worst in the world.

Experts said any exposure to the air, even for a few minutes, can lead to serious health effects on everybody. Avoid outdoor activities.

Pakistan’s Weather Outlook

Dense fog is likely to continue over the plain areas of Punjab, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, upper Sindh and Islamabad during next few days. Citizens are advised to be cautious. Day temperatures are likely to remain below normal in most parts of Punjab due to dense fog.

Dense fog/smog is likely to persist in plain areas of Punjab.

Lowest Minimum Temperatures (°C)

Leh -11, Skardu -09, Kalam -06, Gilgit, Gupis, Astore -05 and Srinagar -04.

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