Gaza death toll tops 20,000 as Israel continues bombing Palestinians


JERUSALEM – Palestinian authorities on Sunday said death toll from Israeli attacks climbed 20,000 marks as over 100 people killed in last 24 hours.

Jewish forces rebuffed pressure from UN and other nations and Gaza is becoming a graveyard for citizens. Lately, Tel Aviv launched barrage of attacks in Jabalia region in northern Gaza.

International media said Israel gets nearly complete operational control over northern Gaza and planned to advance ground assault to other areas. People in enclave face lack of facilities and unabated attacks, other than freezing temperature.

Other than 20,000 casualties, hundreds of thousands suffered injuries, with bodies believed trapped under rubble of razed infrastructure. 

The number of deaths in Gaza equals to nearly 1pc of the total population as there is no sight of the end of the attacks.

The bombing from Israeli side is one of devastating military campaigns in recent times, as half a million people in occupied territory are facing catastrophic situation.

It all started on October 7 when Hamas launched surprised attacks on Israel under Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. The Palestinian group said the attacks were a reaction to the Israeli attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque and the increasing violence by Israel.

In retaliation, Israel started bombing Gaza and the bombing has been continuing without a break for the last six weeks.

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