Iran warns Israel to stop attacks to prevent escalation of war as Palestinian death toll climbs to 2,215


Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan urge protection of Palestinian civilians

JERUSALEM – Israeli forces are moving for ground assault after choking the occupied territory and now Tehran warned of far-reaching consequences if Jewish forces bombardment was not halted.Play Video

As Israel in retaliation for Hamas assault continued shooting Palestinian men, women and even children, the casualties in Gaza have climbed to 2,215, the Health Ministry said late Saturday.

Palestinian officials said the death toll crossed 2,200 and 724 children and 458 women were among the people killed in the attacks from Jewish forces. Over 8,000 including 2,450 children and 1,536 women were wounded in attacks.

Lately, Israeli forces advanced military campaign against Gaza, as war rages after Hamas initiated Operation Al-Aqsa Flood against Israel.

In its response, the Israeli military launched Operation Swords of Iron against Hamas targets within the Gaza Strip.

After more than a week of skirmishes and assault, Iran has told Israel to immediately stop attacks on Gaza, warning the Middle Eastern nation that ongoing conflict could escalate to other parts of the region as Hezbollah gets involved.

Iranian Foreign Minister, during Lebanon visit, said Hezbollah is set for various war scenarios and called on Israel to halt its Gaza attacks at the earliest. He also cautioned that if the conflict spreads to the Middle East, Israel may face a huge earthquake.

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