Imran Khan tells journalists he sees himself in jail for long period, but confident of winning elections


ISLAMABAD – Former prime minister Imran Khan remains in jail for four months, and the politician known for populist politics speaks with journalists for the first time since his arrest in early August.

Khan, during open trial of cipher case inside Adiala jail, interacted with local media journalists and made startling revelations about his arrest and revival of Nawaz Sharif.

Former PTI chief opined that May 9 violence was part of, what he termed as the ‘London Plan’, saying he was never offered negotiations or any deals. Khan said he is ready to stay in jail for a long period, but concurrently claimed major victory of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf in upcoming elections.

During the conversation, the outspoken politician claimed that was afraid his opponent would run away from the polls due to the masses’ sentiment.

The former cricket star again fired a salvo against former Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa, calling him the man behind his downfall. He mentioned including General Bajwa and US embassy officials as witnesses in the cipher case.

He said the former chief did everything on Donald Lu’s orders, and hinted at bringing the two to the court.

Imran Khan, who was removed from party chairmanship, said May 9 violence was part of the London plan. He further called his arrest unconstitutional and lamented the massive crackdown after the riots.

He also claimed that the ‘London Plan’ was supposed to bring back Nawaz Sharif and throw PTI leaders in jail.

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