Pakistan to dispatch humanitarian relief assistance to Gaza


ISLAMABAD – In view of the human tragedy unfolding in Gaza, the Government of Pakistan has decided to immediately dispatch humanitarian relief assistance to Gaza to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinian brothers and sisters.

The Foreign Office spokesperson, in a statement on Monday, said that in the wake of indiscriminate Israeli aggression and siege of the Gaza Strip, the already oppressed people of densely-populated Gaza were in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

 “The government is coordinating with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, relevant UN agencies, the Government of Egypt and Pakistan missions abroad to finalize modalities of delivery,” he added.

The World Health Organisation had earlier issued a warning that the Gaza Strip only had “24 hours of water, electricity, and fuel left” before “a real catastrophe” descends upon it. 

Aid convoys have been stranded at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt ever since Israel surrounded Gaza City and started bombing it nonstop in response to a Hamas attack on the city on October 7. 

On October 7, Hamas fighters breached the strongly guarded border of Israel, killing more than 1,400 Israelis and injuring 1,600 others. 

In retaliation, Israel launched a bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip that destroyed entire neighbourhoods and resulted in the death of at least 2,808 people, mostly civilians, and injuring over 10,000 Palestinians. 

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