Over 100 killed in drone attack on Syrian military academy


HYDERABAD – More than 100 people, including military officers, were killed after a graduation ceremony at a military academy in Syria’s Homs targeted by a “terrorist organisation”.

A number of families had gathered at the academy to attend the ceremony when several drones launched the attack. 

Syria’s Ministry of Health said at least 89 people, including 31 women and five children, lost their lives and over 270 injured in the attack. However, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that the toll at above 120.

Meanwhile, Syria has declared three days of national mourning, starting from Friday, adding that flags will flay at half-mast during these days. 

Defence Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas attended the funerals for around 30 people on Friday.

No group has claimed responsibility for what is being dubbed as one of the bloodiest single attacks on the Syrian army since 2011.

Following the attack, the Syrian army has started bombing the opposition-held areas in the country’s northwest.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the attack on military academy and expressed his condolences to his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad.

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