Latest petrol price in Pakistan September 2023


SLAMABAD – No respite for Pakistanis amid back-breaking inflation, and after electrcitiy and gas rate hike, the prices of petroleum products are set to increase again today in the wake of currency depreciation and surge in oil prices in the international market.

The prices of petrol and high-speed diesel (HSD) are expected to be jacked up by Rs16 per litre, while kerosene price would also get costlier by about Rs10 per litre.

In previous weeks, the Pakistani rupee faced back to back blows and the local currency dropped to Rs304 before making a comeback, while international Brent prices went beyond $92 per barrel.


Furthermore, the interim government is set to increase sale margins for petroleum dealers and marketing companies. With new changes, the price of petrol will rise by up to Rs321.35 per litre.

The price of diesel is likely to touch Rs325.50 per litre after the Rs13.50 hike.

Latest Petrol Price in Pakistan

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