Won’t budge on ‘Azadi’ even if put in D-class cell, Imran Khan tells PTI, Pakistanis through his lawyer (VIDEO)


RAWLPINDI – Naeem Haider Panjotha, the attorney for former prime minister Imran Khan, shared on Monday that the PTI leader is being kept in “distressing conditions” and given “C-Class jail facilities” in prison at Attock Jail.

Panjotha held a media talk after meeting PTI leader in jail on Monday afternoon for an hour and 45 minutes.

He described his meeting with Imran, saying: “I questioned Khan sahab about the situation in jail following his incarceration. He said that he was being held in a cramped, dark C-Class room where, he claimed, is a public lavatory without a shower.

He claimed that the jail is full of ants in the evening and flies in the morning.

Regarding food, Khab sahib said that he is receiving the customary ‘daal’ and ‘saag’, but he claimed that he had no complaints about this. He said that even if they held him in a D-Class jail, he is ready for it too.

Panjotha claimed, “Khan sahab asked me to tell the media that he will never accept slavery,” adding that the PTI chairman also gave gratitude to party members and senior leadership for their “steadfastness”.

The attorney said, in reference to Imran’s detention on Saturday, “Khan sahib also said that his house was attacked for the third time and attempts were made to break the door of Bushra Bibi’s and his bedroom.”

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