Christian family rescued as Sargodha gripped by violence over ‘Quran desecration’


LAHORE – Violent protests and mob attacks revisited Sargodha following an alleged desecration of the Holy Quran on Friday.

Reports shared online suggest that charged mob of a right wing party targeted multiple houses, shattering windows and setting belongings on fire.

Police however managed to rescue a Christian family and relocated them before any tragic incident. The incident occurred in Mujahid Colony area, prompting the district police officer and other officials to rush to the scene to disperse the mob.

terrifying blasphemy lynch mob scenes from Sargodha

we suffered thru suicide attacks on Sufi Shrines due to the very flames of extremism so called ‘progressives’ be fanning hopeless country, flop society

Mob members alleged that Holy Quran desecration was reportedly committed by unknown individuals, which led to protests, with burnt pages of religious books found at the site.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan expressed concerns by the unfolding situation in Sargodha, where the Christian community in Gillwala village is reportedly at grave risk to their lives at the hands of charged mobs.

HRCP also called on district administration to immediately restore calm and bring the perpetrators to book while ensuring that the Christian community comes to no further harm.

This incident follows a similar one in August 2023, when mobs burned a Christian home in Punjab’s Jaranwala over blasphemy allegations.

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