6,000 Palestinian mothers among 10,000 women killed in Gaza: UN


A UN report says that more than 10,000 Palestinian women have been killed in the Israeli attacks on Gaza and other parts of the occupied Palestinian territories since October 7, 2023.

Israeli occupation forces have killed nearly 34,000 Palestinian men, women and children since October 7 and more than 10,000 of these victims are women. Of these 10,000 women martyrs, 6,000 were mothers feeding small babies, leaving 19,000 children orphaned.

The UN Women report says that the women who survived or escaped the Israeli bombing were either widowed or became homeless. It said that many Palestinian women are even suffering from a famine-like situation. The report says that women either have no role at all in this war or it is minimum, but they are they are the ones who have suffered the most.  a

So far, Israel has bombed 33,970 Palestinians to death and left more than 76,000 wounded. Among the injured people there are many men.

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