IIOJK people asked to beware of India’s malicious agenda


Posters have once again surfaced in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, urging the people to refrain from selling their properties, including land, to non-Kashmiris to safeguard future generations from the Hindutva RSS/BJP’s anti-Kashmir agenda.

These posters have appeared in Srinagar and Baramulla, voicing opposition against the Hindutva BJP/RSS and their implementation of harsh and anti-Kashmir policies, which mislead the international community about the true situation in the territory.

The posters display the message: “Do not sell your properties, including land, to non-Kashmiris, even if lucrative offers are made, as it will jeopardize the survival of future generations, akin to the plight faced by Palestinians today.”

They caution against the Hindutva RSS/BJP’s adoption of Israeli policies in Jammu and Kashmir, aiming to displace Kashmiris from their ancestral land by settling non-Kashmiris under the guise of domicile certificates, with the support of Indian forces.

Furthermore, the posters highlight the encroachment on Dogra lands in the Jammu region by the RSS/BJP, facilitating the settlement of non-Jammu Kashmiris and the allocation of jobs and contracts to outsiders.

The posters call upon Kashmiris to unite and resist efforts to cede Kashmiri land to the Indian state of Maharashtra, labeling it a perilous anti-Kashmir ploy orchestrated by the RSS/BJP. These messages have also been disseminated on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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