Moscow Attacks: Death toll rises to 115; ISIS claims responsibility for shooting


ISIS-K, an Afghan affiliate of Daesh is looking to expand its operations globally after Moscow concert attack in which scores of Russian citizens were killed while hundreds were injured.

The terror group increasingly focused on Moscow since US exit from Afghanistan. The group earlier carried out twin bombings in Iran, killing nearly 100 people as ISIS-K and its allies maintain a safe haven in Afghanistan and are developing their networks globally.

As of Saturday evening, the death toll in Russia’s worst shooting in 2 decades rises to 115 Moscow concert hall attack, per Russia’s state-run agency. At least 187 people, including eight children, were also injured.

After the attack, Moscow Mayor canceled all mass gatherings in the capital for the weekend. Meanwhile, Russian railways, civil aviation and other departments have beefed up security. 

Russian cops arrested 2 suspects of carrying out Moscow attack. The suspects were detained in Bryansk region, following a car chase.  Other suspects fled into a nearby forest and are being pursued, he added.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also expressed strong condemnation of attack and extended condolences to President Putin. He emphasized Beijing’s opposition to all forms of terrorism and its firm support for Moscow’s efforts to protect its national security and stability.

EU stated that it was shocked and appalled by the terror attack, condemning any attacks against civilians and expressing solidarity with affected Russian nationals.

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