Adiala Jail, where Imran Khan is imprisoned, saved from terror attack


RAWALPINDI – Adiala Jail, the famous prison facility where former prime minister Imran Khan and his close aides are imprisoned, was saved from a terror attack on Thursday night.

Law enforcers foiled the terror attack at the Central Jail Rawalpindi, the penitentiary located in the garrison city of Rawalpindi. Cou­nter Terrorism Depart­ment (CTD) and the police apprehended three militants.

The latest weapons and a large cache of ammunition were recovered from detained attackers, who have since been moved to undisclosed locations.

The terrorists reportedly belonged to Afghanistan and were planning to attack the key jail.

Rawalpindi police told media that automatic hea­vy weapons and ammunition were among the items recovered. Furthermore, hand grenades, explosives, and maps were also taken.

Following the arrests, police parties conducted a search operation around the jail.

Adiala Jail is currently overcrowded, housing prisoners at twice its capacity. Former Prime Minister and PTI founder Imran Khan, along with former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood and former CM Punjab Elahi, are also currently detained in the prison.

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