Iran launches air attacks in Pakistan, leaving ties between two sides in tailspin


Islamabad warns Tehran of consequences after air raids

Iran has violated Pakistan airspace by conducting airstrikes on a neighboring country, allegedly aimed at a militant group, in what is said to be the latest sign of violence in the region.

Pakistani authorities confirmed an Iranian cross-border attack that killed two ‘innocent children’ in Balochistan region and warned Tehran of serious consequences.

In a statement, Iran mentioned hitting Jaish al-Adl, an armed group, that took shelter near the border region, saying Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps carried out missile and drone strikes in Balochistan.

Islamabad rejected Iran’s illegal move, saying it could lead to serious consequences. Pakistan was the third country, as Iran launched attacks on Iraq and Syria, in back-to-back air raids.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry called it a serious violation of sovereignty, saying such attacks are unacceptable and can have consequences.

It said the illegal act took place despite the existence of several channels of communication between both countries. Islamabad said the protest has already been lodged with the concerned senior official in the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Furthermore, Iranian Charge d’affaires has been called to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convey the strongest condemnation of this blatant violation of sovereignty and that the responsibility for the consequences will lie squarely with Iran.

Pakistan reiterated that terrorism is a common threat to all nations in the region that requires coordinated action, but mentioned that unilateral acts are not in conformity with good neighbourly relations.

The development comes amid heightened tensions across the Middle East since the war in the Gaza Strip between Israel and the Iran-backed Palestinian group Hamas began on 7 October.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah exchanged cross-border fire with Israeli forces while its militias hit drones and missiles at US forces in Iraq and Syria; concurrently Yemen’s Houthi also attacked ships in the Red Sea.

Islamabad and Tehran battled armed groups, including Jaish al-Adl, for quite some time in Balochistan as neighborly nations share borders, which runs for about 900km.

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