Motorway Fog Update: M-1, M-3, M-5 among several motorways closed amid dense fog


LAHORE – Several Motorways, and highways were closed to all kinds of traffic amid heavy fog in parts of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The fog affected the plains badly, affecting routine life and road traffic on Saturday.

Amid the frosty weather conditions, there is no end in sight to fog as different sections of the motorway were again closed amid poor visibility in some places that objects just a few meters away could not be seen.

Motorway Police said M-1 from Swabi to Karnal Sher Khan, M-3 from Faizpur to Darkhana, M-4, from Multan to Faisalabad, and M-5, from Sher Shah to Zahir Pir, were closed.

NHMP also advised masses to remain cautious as extremely cold weather resulted in the spread of seasonal diseases.

The Met Office forecast dry weather for Lahore and other parts of Punjab during the next 24 hours.    

It said that the level of humidity in the air in the morning was recorded at 87 percent while the breeze was blowing at the speed of three kilometers per hour. 

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