Black Day: Pakistan mourns victims of APS Peshawar attack on 9th anniversary


PESHAWAR – Pakistan, the crisis-hit country that is facing a fresh wave of terrorism, is remembering the victims of its worst militant attack when TTP stormed the Army Public School in Peshawar nine years back.

After passing of nine years, the pain of APS Peshawar tragedy is still fresh in the nation’s heart, and the resilience of the bereaved families reinforced Pakistan’s resolve to root out militancy.

On December 16, 2014, TTP attackers stormed Army Public School in the northern city of Peshawar, and over 150 people were martyred, 132 of them school students.

To mark the inhumane event, several events are scheduled for today to pay tribute to the martyred and injured students, teachers, and other staff members during the unfortunate incident.

The horrific assault sent ripples of shock, outrage, anger, and most of all pain throughout not only Pakistan but the entire world. 

APS attack was aimed to shatter Islamabad’s resolve against terrorism, but forces are still fighting to root out menace. Pakistan’s armed forces and people are stronger and more resilient in its commitment to eliminate terrorism.

Investigation reports hinted at the involvement of Indian and Afghan intel to hit Pakistan’s Armed Forces’ sacrifices and successes in the war on terror operations.

APS attack was known as the deadliest ever attack in the history of South Asian country. 

Pakistan later formed military courts, and awarded death sentences over 310 terrorists and scores of them have been executed so far.

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