Imran Khan is still my leader’: President Alvi reiterates his loyalties to PTI chief, calls for level playing field


ISLAMABAD – President Dr Arif Alvi reiterated allegiance to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, who is in jail for over two months facing serious charges.

In an interview with Hamid Mir, President Alvi said it is crucial to give a level playing field to all political competitors before the polls, extending support to his party chief. Imran Khan is still my leader, he said, calling the cricket icon a financially honest person, opining that there was no room for doubt in Khan’s patriotism.

Alvi again condemned the May 9 events when civil, and military installations were attacked, but mentioned that we as a naition can progress with forgiveness. With a smile on his face, President said that he would have been behind bars due to his association with Imran Khan led PTI if he were not in office.

When asked about elections and his tenure, Alvi said he will remain in office until the election of a new president is completed. He was of the view that elections are not going to be held in January, casting doubt on the date suggested by ECP.

Alvi recalled his letter to the ECP chief proposing to resolve the issue, the commission replied that it is not necessary. He reminded when Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja refused to meet him.

As of now, an interim setup has been running government in Pakistan since the national legislature was dissolved two months back, and elections were supposed to have taken place within three months, but the ECP said it needed more time to redraw constituencies following the latest population census.

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