Shabbir urges world to prevent bloodshed in Palestine & Kashmir


Senior APHC leader and Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party Shabbir Ahmed Shah while denouncing Israel’s naked aggression against Palestinians, has urged the international community to play its due role in preventing more bloodshed in the Middle East.

According to Kashmir Media Service, in his message from Tihar jail, the incarcerated leader said it was quite unfortunate that the world was remorselessly watching the gory dance of death and destruction of the Palestinian people by Israel.

Shah said that the death & destruction on such an enormous scale was enough to stir the world consciousness.

Terming Kashmir and Palestine as two sides of the same coin, Shah said that the people of both regions have suffered enormously at the hands of colonizers who were hell bent on erasing their identity.

Urging the global community to realize the dangers of the escalating war in the region, Shah said it was high time that the influential world governments must stop taking sides and play their constructive role in finding a lasting solution to the deadly conflict that has consumed tens of thousands of lives during recent years. He said it was also imperative that the world should break its deafening silence on Kashmir, where people have been silenced by India’s apartheid regime that has been replicating Israel’s model in the region.

Shah said that like Palestinians, Kashmiris were being murdered and their homes destroyed.

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