Full court resumes hearing on pleas against Supreme Court Practice and Procedure Act


ISLAMABAD – A full court bench headed by Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa resumed hearing petitions challenging the SC (Practice and Procedure) Act on Monday.

The proceedings against controversial legislation are being telecast live on national TV.

At the outset of today’s hearing, Supreme Court Bar Association President Abid Zuberi said Parliament was not authrorised to tweak or formllate rules about practice and procedure act.

Calling it a misuse of power, Zubairi was of view that the term ‘subject to law’ in the constitution and only the apex court could make laws about the judiciary.

Chief Justice Isa then asked SCBA president, If words ‘subject to law’ are removed from the constitution, will it make any difference? Zuberi then responded negatively. 

Justice Ijazul Ahsan ruled that the country’s top court was only authorised and held authority to make rules about itself and these were given by the constitution. 

In the previous session, the SC bench questioned why everyone surrendered when the martial laws were imposed, but agitated when the Parliament passed laws and challenged them in courts.

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