Pakistani, foreign currencies worth billions recovered during plaza raid in Rawalpindi


RAWALPINDI – Amid a widespread crackdown against currency hoarders, Federal investigators conducted a raid in Rawalpindi and recovered 13 lockers filled with cash worth billions.

FIA conducted the raid at an under-construction plaza in the Shamsabad region of the garrison city.

During the raid, more than a dozen latest computerised lockers were found in which piles of local and foreign currencies were stored. Two people were also held in connection with these operations.

It was reported that the FIA wing continued surveillance of the premises for two weeks before conducting the operation. After getting into the premises, the FIA team found a suspicious wall that led them to the existence of an empty space behind the wall, which was then smashed to take out a small secret door. On entering through the door, huge iron lockers were found along the wall.

Federal Investigation Agency team also recovered the latest security systems and CCTV cameras on the premises.

FIA, with the help of local police, shifted the cash and other items and a preliminary report has been sent to the higher authorities.

Meanwhile, the owner of the premises Sheikh Iftikhar Adil, editor-in-chief of daily Asas, told the media that currency saved in the lockers was business transactions and he gave the money trail to the Federal Investigation Agency.

He turned down claims of the private bank being operated in his plaza, saying money claimed to be exported was business cash, the money trail of which has been provided.

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