What will be the new petrol prices in Pakistan from September 1?


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s interim government is likely to increase petrol prices for the first fortnight of September 2023 in line with global trend as rupee faced back-to-back blows.

Media reports quoting well-informed sources claimed that petroleum prices are likely to be increased by up to Rs20 per litre from the start of next month, in another shock for inflation-weary people who are facing the brunt of higher food prices as fuel prices directly impact transport and agriculture sectors, and any spike will further burden masses.

As local currency remains under pressure, the price of petrol could go up by over Rs10 per litre and Diesel by Rs20 per litre.

With the new price in effect, the price of petrol would touch Rs300.45 per litre while the price of High-Speed Diesel will increase by Rs20 per litre and is expected to touch to Rs313.40 per litre.

Furthermore, other petroleum product items including Kerosene oil and Light Speed Diesel may see a surge by up to Rs14 per litre.

Petrol price has already increased by Rs37.50 and that of diesel by Rs40 per litre in recent weeks.

The expected price increase will add to existing woes as petrol and diesel prices have already been jacked up by around Rs20 per litre in the previous revision.

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