Kaaba gets new Kiswa draped with 120kg of gold, silver threads (VIDEO)


MAKKAH – The cloth of the Holy Kaaba has been replaced by the staff of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet Mosque in accordance with the annual tradition.

Clips being shared online show that workers took down the old Kiswa and then put a new one in place.

As Muslim rings into the next Islamic year 1445, officials at the Grand Mosque supervised the annual process of replacing the Kiswa.

Kiswa changing process involves removing the golden rings fastening the kiswa to the Kaaba, covering Islam’s holiest site in its new cover, and then removing the old cover.

More than a hundred skilled craftspeople worked on producing the 56 pieces of Kiswa which was made using 120 kilograms of gold thread and 100 kilograms of silver.

Every year, the old Kiswah is removed and cut into small pieces that are then distributed to certain individuals and organizations around the globe.

Some historians believe that the Kiswa was first used when the fourth-century Yemeni King Tubba instructed the leaders of (the) Jurhum tribe to maintain its purgation and make a door and a key for it, and since then, it has become a distinguishable feature of Holy Kaaba.

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