PM Shehbaz condemns social media campaign against COAS Asim Munir


ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif strongly denounced a social media campaign concerning an alleged assassination attempt on Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir, expressing determination to quash any conspiracies against Pakistan and its institutions.


The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement where the premier drew parallels with the events of May 9, when violent protests and attacks on military installations occurred following the arrest of PTI chief Imran Khan.

PM Shehbaz issued a clear message to the planners and facilitators of the May 9 events, emphasizing that all conspiracies against Pakistan and its institutions would be crushed.

He attributed the “vile” media campaign against the COAS and the army to the machinations of an “evil mind,” highlighting the efforts of conspiratorial elements working against political and economic stability in the country. He viewed this campaign as part of a reprehensible drive against the nation’s martyrs.

Instructing relevant agencies to take action against those responsible domestically and internationally, the prime minister emphasized that this campaign was not protected under the guise of freedom of speech but rather a conspiratorial plot that needed to be stopped as a legal responsibility.

PM Shehbaz assured that the nation would prevent a new crisis and stand against desperate elements attempting to destabilize the country. While the statement issued by the PMO did not mention anyone by name, the prime minister openly criticized the PTI chief on Twitter for his “vile, sinister, and malicious campaign” against the COAS.

He exposed the chief’s alleged tactic of using proxies to threaten the army chief with an assassination attempt and stated that his politically motivated actions would not succeed, as the time for politics driven by intimidation, violence, and hatred was over.

Shehbaz emphasized that the people of Pakistan and political parties unwaveringly supported the COAS and the armed forces, pledging to thwart any attempts to undermine their prestige, honour, and integrity. This statement mirrored a previous one in March, where the premier condemned the “vile campaign” against the Pakistan Army and COAS abroad, urging overseas Pakistanis to raise their voices against it.

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